Kent Perkins is pursuing a career as an attorney in Indianapolis, IN. Until he gets his name in gold letters on the door of a middling law firm it will remain on this website, in black. He is married to one wife and has one beautiful little toddler girl.

Unlike some careless bloggers who commit insufferable grammar sins, such as switching from third- to first-person in the middle of a post, I take pride in carefully proof reading my posts so as to preserve the illusion of credibility. This blog touches on the law, politics, religion, and anything else Kent finds interesting and appropriate. One of Kent’s pet peeves is long blog posts. Therefore, the posts you find on here will remain brief and to the point.

If you are a real person and would like to send Kent an e-mail he can be reached at his most narcissistic address, me@kentperkins.com

Please read, comment, share and enjoy.

Legal notice: Kent is not your attorney. Nothing on this site is legal advice. If you plagiarize Kent’s work, and by doing so become famous, Kent will sue you. If you do not achieve fame, joke’s on you.


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